About us

Maruani company was founded in 1994 and has gained by now a vast experience in the field of logistic and intern and international transport. We are on the transport market of Romania and Europe since 1991 by the means of TINA SRL company that afterwards has merged with Maruani, giving us a professional, know-how and well deserved statute in the area of transports due to the seriousness and the ambition we made proof of over time and same as for the quality of the services offered to our clients.

Our company is based on environmental friendliness, punctuality, integrity, security and stability, performance, potential, modern technology, experience and professionalism. These are the key elements of our company .

All our trucks are brand new offering maximum safety, this vehicles are environmentally friendly, showing a lower level of emission of particulate pollutants, Euro 6. .

The key to our success in what concerns the road transport lies in the continuous monitoring of traffic intensity along thousands of kilometers of road infrastructure, driver training and by setting up safe and fast routes.